Step By Step:
A Guide to Graphic Design for the Clueless

A Children's Book for Grown-Ups

2024 Senior Exhibition

"Step by Step: A Guide to Graphic Design for the Clueless" is a response to every innocent but tiresome inquiry into what exactly graphic design is. At a certain point, one gets tired of explaining to their family that they don't draw pictures for a living. The book (stylized and written as if it's for children, but meant for adults) aims to illustrate how virtually every man-made object that we interact with is touched in some way by a graphic designer, and help to illuminate the impact of the profession for those who still don’t know what it is.

Visual Inspiration

Step by Step is inspired by simple cartoons, which help reinforce the children's book aspect of the project. Among these inspirations are airport safety manuals, instruction guides, and children's education ephemera.

Book Structure

The book is split up into "vignettes". Each one corresponds to a moment in the average day for an adult, and is tied to an example of graphic design they would likely come across within that moment. That example of design will have an illustration tied to it that is stylized with regard to the inspiration of instruction manuals, followed by further written description of the design example.

The Book's Identity

In this section I'll detail how I arrived at my color and typography choices for the book.


Each vignette is illustrated a style somewhere between "coloring book" and instruction manual.

Current examples: Post Office and an Airport (part of a scrapped vignette idea).

In-Depth Look

In this section, I'll have completed spreads displayed in order for a complete viewing experience. If it's possible, I could embed an Issuu link for a more natural reading and page-turning experience.

Spread Images to go Here

Contract and Timeline (Not for Final Site)


  • Behind my book in the exhibit I'll have a poster to help explain the point of the book. What's an interesting way for me to format this that would fit with the children's book theme? Maybe it could match educational posters that are hung up on school walls?